Abydos Canal
S21621 xb 17
Name Abydos Canal
Monsters Electric Eel
People Gate Guard
Poor Bird
Items Healing Herbs
Sub-Locations Grand Canal
Gallery Abydos Canal Gallery

The Abydos Canal is a large canal in Abydos.

History Edit

The Abydos Canal's waters were infested with Electric Eels, and the canals later became invaded by Piranhas and Exo-Piranhas, and Sphinx was able to remove the latter. It was later revealed that the Mayor's Advisors were the ones to release the creatures.

Appearance Edit

The canal featured several docks and bridges, allowing citizens to walk through the area without having to worry about falling into the electrified water. It is believed that the eels were driven out after the defeat of Set.

Inhabitants and Items Edit

Monsters Edit

People Edit



Trivia Edit

  • The Abydos Canal goes through most of the city.
  • There are numerous empty boats docked around the canal. This is most likely due to safety concerns regarding the Electric Eel infestation.

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