Abydos Sewers
Name Abydos Sewers
Monsters N/A
People Sphinx
Items Abydosian Pearl
Old Key
Sub-Locations none
Gallery Abydos Sewers

The Abydos Sewers are a sub-location of Abydos Plaza.

History Edit

After the events of the Mysterious Location, Sphinx was teleported to the sewers. During the first visit all Sphinx could do was run through the tunnel to the exit. When tasked to find the missing Abydosian Pearls, Sphinx had dived down the well in Abydos Plaza and landed in a pool of water. At the bottom of the pool there was an Old Key used to open the gate allowing him to leave the pool, and in one of the jars nearby Sphinx found a pearl.

Appearance Edit

The main features of the sewers are a pathway, a pool of water and a Portal God.

Trivia Edit

  • There are nine torches located throughout the sewer.

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