Name Apocalypse
Gender Male
Location Council Chambers, Abydos
Role Antagonist
Assistance None
Relations Mayor of Abydos (Former Boss)
Sphinx (Nemesis)
Age Unknown
Death In the Council Chambers during the confrontation with Sphinx
Cause of Death Killed by Sphinx
Rewards Sacred Crown of Abydos
Gallery Apocalypse Gallery

Apocalypse (also known as Set's Servant or the Demon Bat) is an antagonist as well as the first boss encountered by Sphinx in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Apocalypse was the result of the Abydos mayor's advisors merging together to form a servant of Set. After their transformation, the bat-like monster ran through the sewers of the Council Chambers, and into a large lair.

There, Sphinx defeated him by hitting him with a beam of light focused through a crystal in the center of the lair, forming a charged energy beam. The crystals, which were reflected 90 degrees into the air if struck by the Blade of Osiris, were activated, killing Apocalypse. Upon defeating the boss, Sphinx was able to obtain the Sacred Crown of Abydos. He would then take the crown to Anubis.

Personality and Traits Edit

Apocalypse appeared as an anthropomorphic skeletal dragon-bat, capable of throwing explosive burning spheres, and aiming a gust of strong air towards his opponent. The air blast lasted for around five seconds, and had enough strength to push Sphinx towards the sides of Apocalypse's Lair.

Trivia Edit

  • Apocalypse was the only boss who Sphinx didn't attack directly with the Blade of Osiris to defeat.
  • The name Apocalypse is never referenced in the game, but it is the official name of the boss.
  • Before the final version was released, Apocalypse's model was named Ishka.

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