Bat Mummy
Bat Mummy
User Tutankhamen
Use Flying over things
Found At Castle of Uruk
Role Flying
Type Ability

Bat Mummy (also called Skeletal Mummy and Flying Mummy) is an ability in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

History Edit

Menes installed Anubis-shaped statues as traps for intruders after Set said odd things were going on. When Tutankhamen would stand near them, he would be transformed into a Skeletal Bat for a short amount of time. This would allow him to fly.

Abilities Edit

  • Press buttons that would be either too high or at a vertical position that couldn't otherwise be pressed.
  • Fly over large gaps.

Trivia Edit

  • The Bat Mummy ability is considered to be less useful than the Fire Mummy and the Electric Mummy.
  • Oddly, the Abydos Museum does not have a pedestal for a Bat in the Natural History section, despite having one for every other monster.

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