Corridor of Champions
Corridor of Champions
Name Corridor of Champions
Stages 3
Time Limit Varies per Stage
Reward Medal of Champions
People Gauntlet Man
Location Abydos

The Corridor of Champions is a minigame in Abydos.

History Edit

The Corridor of Champions was operated by the gauntlet man. Sphinx visited the corridor in order to achieve medals to receive the Goofy Lizard. After completing the third stage, he achieved the Medal of Champions.

Appearance Edit

Each of the gauntlets had the same basic layout, but each stage had a different difficulty level. In the main lobby, there was an area in which visitors could see the top scores. On the other end of the room, there was a fence blocking off a pedestal with a gem on it. This was used by the gauntlet man to see if the visitors were worthy of the gauntlets. It required the double jump ability in order to complete it. The goal of the gauntlet was to smash all of the statues, overcome the obstacles, and make it past the doorway within the time limit.

Stages Edit

Gauntlet One Edit

This gauntlet featured statues that were only found on the first level of the walls. All of the obstacles were thin and only had first level height.

Gauntlet Two Edit

This gauntlet featured statues that were found on both the first and second levels of the walls. All of the obstacles were either thin or medium in thickness, and were either first or second level high.

Gauntlet Three Edit

This gauntlet featured statues that were first, second, and third levels high on the walls. All of the obstacles varied in thickness and height.

Trivia Edit

  • The third stage of the gauntlet is considered the most hated part of the game. Most players attempt to murder the gauntlet man, break the controllers, and/or swear at high levels.
  • Most video walkthroughs skip past the third gauntlet when doing the Corridor of Champions due to the amount of time, as well as attempts, it takes to successfully complete the challenge.

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