S21621 xb 10
Name Courtyard
Monsters Crow
People Menes
Items Nefertiti's Letter
Sub-Locations N/A
Gallery Courtyard Gallery

The Courtyard is part of Luxor Palace in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

History Edit

The Courtyard was built at the same time as the rest of Luxor Palace. On Tutankhamen's birthday, Menes tried to convince Nefertiti that marriage was not the right option for her at the moment. After Menes left, Tutankhamen visited and retrieved letter.

Appearance Edit

The palace's courtyard was a square shaped yard with ladders that led to a second level. Trees, grass patches, flowers, and benches were also included in the yard.

Inhabitants, Items, and Sub-Locations Edit

Monsters Edit

People Edit


Items Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Courtyard features the least amount of quest-related missions.

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