Among the most boring of the side quests for many players is helping the Farmer and his brother plant their farm, simply because it takes for-EVER! However, there are benefits- Scarabs in the hundreds, as well as Silver Ankhs, and Gold Ankh Pieces.

In order to preform the mission, Sphinx must mark a plot on the Riverside Farm. The farmers will promptly leave the house and walk over to the marked plot and begin working.

The plot is marked by a sign post. Some of these remain after the farming, possibly representing crops, while others become saplings.

List of PlotsEdit

This list will go from closest to the house to farthest, listing the reward for each as well as how long it takes for them to finish.

  1. Reward: 50 Scarabs Time:
  2. Reward: Bronze Ankh Time:
  3. Reward: 200 Scarabs Time: 
  4. Reward: Gold Ankh Piece Time:
  5. Reward: Silver Ankh Time: 
  6. Reward: 400 Scarabs Time:
  7. Reward: 10 Scarabs Time: 
  8. Reward: 100 Scarabs Time:
  9. Reward: 20 Capture Beetles Time:
  10. Reward: 600 Scarabs Time:
  11. Reward: 20 Scarabs Time:
  12. Reward: Silver Ankh Time:
  13. Reward: 200 Scarabs Time:
  14. Reward:10 Scarabs Time:
  15. Reward: Gold Ankh Piece Time:
  16. Reward: 500 Scarabs Time:

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