Fat Abydosian Woman's Sister
Name Fat Abydosian Woman's Sister
Gender Female
Home Cursed Palace, Heliopolis (originally Abydos)
Role Neutral
Relations Fat Abydosian Woman

Sphinx (Rescuer)

Age Unknown
Death Unknown
Cause of Death Unknown
Status Alive
Gallery Fat Abydosian Woman's Sister Gallery

The Fat Abydosian Woman's Sister is a protagonist in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

As her name implies, the Fat Abydosian Woman's sister is related to the Fat Abydosian Woman in Abydos. They became separated after she was turned to stone by Anubis. Unbeknownst to her, this was done for her protection after Set suddenly threatened to takeover Heliopolis. Sphinx was able to free her using the white curse stone.

Although she was grateful for his help, she had another favor to ask of him. She could not return home without her three Chihuahuas and Sphinx had to catch them for her using capture beetles. To thank him for all of his help, she gave him a Canopic Vase.

Appearance, Traits, and Personality Edit

She was a stout woman with purple skin, short brown hair and a pink cat-like nose. She wore a green dress with coral and gold accents and seemed to be fond of expensive jewelry. She also carried a small fan.

Trivia Edit

  • She and her sister look almost identical in terms of body shape and size, but she seems to be an entirely different species.
  • She wiggles around frantically while waiting for Sphinx to bring her "doggies" back to her.
  • Despite wanting to return home urgently, she is never seen in Abydos. Her sister does not mention her return when spoken to.
    • Her pets also seem to remain by her former pedestal after her departure.

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