Glitches are game errors that can be activated by doing things a certain way. They are non-intentional.

List of Glitches Edit

Glitch Title Information
Glitch Details
Great Wall Entrance III Glitch Normally, it would require the Hands of Amun to enter the Great Wall Entrance III. Normally, to enter Great Wall Entrance III you would need to wait until the point in the game where the mummy finds the Hands of Amun. However, due to a glitch in the game you can infiltrate this wall entrance as soon as you gain access to Heliopolis Point. However if you use this glitch you should wait until the obelisk chapter or else you may miss crucial items that may be needed later on. To perform this glitch, go to Great Wall Entrance III at Heliopolis Point. You need to have the Wings of Ibis (ability to somersault) and learn how to do a slam attack, but if you're here then you must have them already. Normally you'd need the Hands of Amun to push the three blocks onto the pressure plates and open the gate but if you simply do a slam attack into the gate and then perform a single jump, you will enter. Some people have reported that certain items have disappeared from their inventory after doing this glitch, so do it at your own risk.
Medicine Bag Glitch After returning to Abydos, Sphinx proceeds only to learn that the Mayor of Abydos is critically ill, and it's his job to save the dying mayor. By this point, you've probably seen the green herbs scattered around the city. At the moment, they die when you pick them up. Once you've been to Kemmet's home, you'll play as Tutankhamen. In the Castle of Uruk, you'll find the Medicine Bag. When you return, Sphinx gets the bag. You talk to the inventor, and he notices the medicine bag and you are now supposed to be able to pick up the herbs. The thing is; you can't. For some reason, the herbs continue to die when picked up.
Mummy Door Glitch If you save at the statue in one of the places, when you reload the game, a door you have to go though closes, and you can no longer complete the game.

Trivia Edit

  • In most cases, glitches require you to start a new game.

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