Gold Ankh
Gold Ankh
User Sphinx
Use To increase Sphinx's life meter
Found At Given after boss fights/Received after a ritual that combines Ankh pieces
Role Increases Sphinx's life meter
Type Quest Item

The Gold Ankhs are quest items in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

History Edit

Gold Ankhs were used by Sphinx to boost his life meter. He received his first new one after rescuing Nefertiti, and he would recieve them after each boss battle. After visiting the Bedouin Outpost, he met Shetta, who could turn four Gold Ankh Pieces into a full Gold Ankh.

Locations Edit

  1. Mysterious Location: After rescuing Nefertiti from the Skull Worshippers.
  2. Geb Queen's Palace: After defeating the Geb Queen.
  3. Cursed Palace: After defeating the Pharaoh Spider.
  4. Bedouin Outpost: Shetta's Ankh Piece Ritual.
  5. Bedouin Outpost: Shetta's Ankh Piece Ritual.
  6. Bedouin Outpost: Shetta's Ankh Piece Ritual.
  7. Bedouin Outpost: Shetta's Ankh Piece Ritual.
  8. Bedouin Outpost: Shetta's Ankh Piece Ritual.

Trivia Edit

  • Sphinx could acquire a grand total of 20 Ankhs in his health meter.
  • The Gold Ankh is the third type of ankh seen in the game, with the others being the Bronze Ankh (which heals one Ankh's worth of health) and the Silver Ankh (which heals five).
  • It is also the transition symbol, as well as the symbol for save files in the PS2 memory card.
  • Fittingly, the Ankh symbol represents life and is often held by various Egyptian deities in temple art and tomb paintings. 

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