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Grand Canal
Grand Canal
Name Grand Canal
Monsters Electric Eels
People Kemmet
Items TBA
Sub-Locations TBA
Gallery Grand Canal Gallery

The Grand Canal is part of Abydos.

Histrory Edit

The Grand Canal is the largest canal in Abydos, spanning about the length of the city itself. The waters were infested by Electric Eels by Set and his minions, as well as Piranhas and Exo-Piranhas. Shortly after Sphinx arrived, he was able to clear the area of the fish infestation.

Appearance Edit

The Grand Canal separated the main portion of Abydos from the Council Chambers. However, the other side could be accessed by bridges. Khonsu the ferryman could be visited here, and he could transport Sphinx to Heliopolis.

Inhabitants, Items, and Sub-Locations Edit

Monsters Edit

People Edit



Items Edit

Sub-Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Grand Canal is the most notable of the canals.

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