Great Wall of Heliopolis
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Name Great Wall of Heliopolis
Monsters Almost-a-Bull
Big Bull
Blade Scorpion
Fire Armadillo
Half Brute
Knives Cat
Mummy Chihuahua
Mummy Worm
Skull Swordsman
Skull Worshipper
Spike Spider
Wasp Spider
People Anubis
Items Blowpipe
Glyph Key
Sub-Locations Anubis's Tower
Great Wall Entrance I
Great Wall Entrance II
Great Wall Entrance III
Uruk Canyon
Uruk Islands
Gallery Great Wall of Heliopolis Gallery

The Great Wall of Heliopolis (also known as the Helian Wall) is a massive wall in Heliopolis.

History Edit

Anubis built the Great Wall of Heliopolis to protect himself and Osiris from Set. It was also used to separate Uruk from Heliopolis. Sphinx visited the walls several times over the course of his quest.

Great Wall Entrance I Edit

Main article: Great Wall Entrance I

Sphinx was required to visit Great Wall Entrance I after Imhotep told him to visit Anubis, who lived within his own tower within the entrance. On his way, he encountered Almost-a-Bulls, Fire Armadillos, Crabhands, and a number of other monsters. It became a place that he would visit often. On his first visit, he obtained the Blowpipe.

Great Wall Entrance II Edit

Main article: Great Wall Entrance II

Sphinx was granted entrance into the second Great Wall entrance after he obtained the Atun Statue from Tutankhamen. From there, he climbed over a series of obstacles. Once inside the wall, he fought a set of monsters and continued on his way to the Uruk Canyon, where he fought to free Ketta.

Great Wall Entrance III Edit

Main article: Great Wall Entrance III

The last entrance utilized by Sphinx, Great Wall Entrance III was used to access the Uruk Islands in order to confront the Geb Queen. It was also the largest entrance, and was considerably long.

Appearance Edit

The Great Wall of Heliopolis contained three entrances each numbered. It was a large wall that was visible from all points of Heliopolis. The first entrance housed Anubis's Tower, and was protected by a series of monsters. It was the first entrance that Sphinx ever entered. The second hosted a myriad of more dangerous monsters, and led directly to Uruk Canyon. Sphinx was only required to visit this place once, however, he could return at any time. The third and final was the third entrance that Sphinx visited. It led to the Uruk Islands via teleportation.

The outside of the wall is lined with statues of Anubis in his jackal form, while the wall's interior is lined with statues of Anubis in his traditional jackal-headed form, further revealing that Anubis constructed it.

Inhabitants, Items, and Sub-Locations Edit

Monsters Edit

People Edit

Anubis Statue


Items Edit

Sub-Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Fans often mistake the entire Great Wall Entrance I for Anubis's Tower. The Tower is actually at the back of this entrance.
  • The interior walls of the Wall is decorated by statues of Anubis, leading a few fans to mark the deity as a narcissist.

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