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Heliopolis Point
Heliopolis Point
Name Heliopolis Point
Monsters Half Brute
Spike Spider
People Athlete
Items Gold Ankh Piece
Sub-Locations Great Wall Entrance III
Helian Shops
Gallery Heliopolis Point Gallery

Heliopolis Point is a desert in Heliopolis.

History Edit

Sphinx was able to access Heliopolis Point by passing by Great Wall Entrance II. A number of Spike Spiders infested the area, making it a dangerous place to walk. However, it could be cleared out and walked through.

Appearance Edit

Heliopolis Point was smaller than Heliopolis Desert but larger than South Beach. The Cursed Palace Area however, was much more fertile for farming. The shore line contained two Helian stores and a dock. East of the shore was the Great Wall Entrance III and  Sekhmet's Squirt Farm.

Inhabitants and Items Edit

Monsters Edit


People Edit



Items Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Heliopolis Point and Heliopolis Desert are often confused over by fans.

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