Name Ishka
Gender Male
Home Akaria
Role Antagonist
Relations Unknown
Age Unknown
Death Unknown
Cause of Death Unknown
Status Unknown
Gallery Ishka Gallery

Ishka is an antagonistic beta character that was going to appear in Akaria, but was later removed along with the location.

Biography Edit

Ishka, according to a quote regarding his temple, is thought to be a religious icon, possibly a part of an Akarian religion. He betrayed the Akarians, and it is believed that Sphinx uncovered it. Ishka was responsible for causing a war between Abydos and Akaria.

Quotes Edit

"Halt! You can't pass unless you have an Oxygen Ankh."
"It is a very long swim to Ishka's Temple and Even us Akarians can not hold our breath that long."
―Unknown Akarian
"We have you to thank for revealing Ishka for the traitor that he is."
―Unknown Akarian
"Ishka, you informed me that the Abydosians were attacking us in preparation for an invasion. This peace treaty offer seems to prove that you have been lying to me, I demand an explanation!"
―Unknown Akarian
"Ishka you traitor, GUARDS!"
―Unknown Akarian
"I thank you for bringing me this information, you have done the Akarian people a great service."
―Unknown Akarian

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown why Ishka and the rest of the Akaria plot were cut from the game.
  • Ishka was most likely a boss.
  • Prior to final release, the model Apocalypse uses was named Ishka.
  • With Akaria scrapped, his model is reused for the memory game owner in Abydos. Here, he is called Sorkon.

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