Jewel Inspector
Jewel Inspector
Name Jewel Inspector
Gender Male
Home Abydos
Role Neutral
Relations Monster Inspector (Co-Worker)
Sphinx (Helper)
Age Unknown
Death N/A
Cause of Death N/A
Status Alive
Gallery Jewel Inspector Gallery

The jewel inspector is a neutral character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

After the Abydos Jewels were stolen, the jewel inspector had Sphinx help him recover the jewels. As Tutankhamen sent them to Sphinx, Sphinx would give them to the inspector, who would then return them to the Abydos Jewels exhibit. Each time that a jewel was returned, he would give Sphinx a Gold Ankh Piece.

Traits and Appearance Edit

The jewel inspector had a pink tunic and headdress with a purple feather covered body. He was shorter than his co-worker, and stood opposite her in the room.

Trivia Edit

  • He stands on the left side of the main room.
  • He bears a resemblance to Horus.

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