Jewel of Siptah
Jewel Siptah
User Sphinx
Use One of the stolen Abydos Jewels
Found At Castle of Uruk
Role Abydos Museum
Type Quest Item

The Jewel of Siptah is a quest item in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. It is one of the stolen Abydos Jewels.

History Edit

The Jewel of Siptah was stolen by the Mayor's advisors and sent to the Castle of Uruk. Tutankhamen recovered the jewel during the use of his fourth canopic vase.

Description Edit

Museum Description Edit

Ownership of this jewel is said to enchant those who carry it with unfailing honesty. The legendary bandit Siptah donated this jewel to the museum, before turning himself in to the authorities, confessing to over two hundred criminal acts... - Abydos Museum

Journal Description Edit

One of the stolen Abydos jewels. - Book of Sphinx

Trivia Edit

  • The Jewel of Siptah is the fourth donated jewel to the Abydos Museum.
  • The name of the jewel was never revealed by the jewel inspector, and therefore the Jewel of Siptah is a fan name based on its former owner, Siptah.
  • The original Siptah was a pharaoh of Egypt, son of Seti II.

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