Ka Ankh Teleporter Pad
Ka Ankh
User Sphinx
Use Transporting Sphinx from one point to another
Found At Great Wall Entrance II
Uruk Canyon
Uruk Islands
Role Transportation
Type Unknown

The Ka Ankh Teleporter Pad is an item in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Description Edit

The Ka Ankh Teleporter Pad is a part of the Ka Ankh system found in Great Wall Entrance II, Great Wall Entrance III, Uruk Canyon, and Uruk Islands. It could be used with Ka Darts.

Trivia Edit

  • Ka Ankh Teleporter Pads are among the oddest parts of the game, as the technology would have been impossible, and still is even today.
  • In mythology, Ka is a part of the soul. Its connection to this device is currently unknown.

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