Khonsu Profile
Name Khonsu
Gender Male
Home Unknown
Role Neutral
Relations Sphinx (Customer)
Age 20's (Estimated)
Death N/A
Cause of Death N/A
Status Alive
Gallery Khonsu Gallery

Khonsu is a neutral character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Khonsu operated boats that would sail between various locations, such as Heliopolis to Abydos for 25 scarabs, or Abydos to Heliopolis for the same rate. He would also allow travel from various points of Heliopolis to other points, such as South Beach, Bedouin Outpost, and Cursed Palace, for 5 Scarabs.

Traits and Appearance Edit

Khonsu had a red hat and clothing and had purple feathers. He could be found at any of the docks in Heliopolis, and a few of them in Abydos. He seemed to have a genuinely kind personality, often being cheery with Sphinx.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is only mentioned once. It is when he is first encountered by Sphinx.
  • Khonsu is named after the Egyptian god of the moon. The name means Traveler, which is appropriate considering his role in the game.
  • Khonsu was often depicted as a man with a side-lock and crook and flail in his hands, or as a falcon-headed being with a moon disk on his head. The character in the game seems to be based on the latter.
  • Due to the similar names, he is often confused with Khensu, an Uruk native.