King of Luxor
King of Luxor
Name King of Luxor
Gender Male
Home Luxor Palace, Luxor
Role Neutral
Relations Akhenaten (Son)
Aunt Seti (Sister or Sister In-Law)
Tutankhamen (Son)
Age Unknown
Death Unknown
Cause of Death Unknown
Status Unknown
Gallery King of Luxor Gallery

The King of Luxor is a neutral character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. He is also Tutankhamen's father.

Biography Edit

Luxor Palace Edit

The King ruled all over Luxor, and lived in its palace. His throne was located in the banquet hall. On his son Tutankhamen's birthday, he overheard dark rumors about the palace's security, and he requested to strengthen the number of guards. However, his other son, Akhenaten (who was, during the birthday, Set in disguise) assured him that he would take care of it personally (this was so Set could steal all of the treasure from the Treasure Room and kill Tutankhamen). When the Treasure Room was raided, the King called the captain of the guard to help find the thief. It is assumed that Set, in the form of Akhenaten, took over Luxor. It is unknown if the King was killed.

Appearance, Traits, and Personality Edit

The King wore a tight blue tunic and a crown of the same color. His face was adorned with a white/grey beard.

Trivia Edit

  • Few realize that the King is Tutankhamen and Akhenaten's father.

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