Large Scarab Bag
no image
User Sphinx
Use Holding Scarabs
Found At Bedouin Outpost
Role Currency Storage
Type Ability Item

The Large Scarab Bag is an ability item in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. It allows Sphinx to hold 900 Scarabs.

History Edit

Sphinx received the large scarab bag from the Poor Bird during a visit to the Bedouin Outpost. The Poor Bird traded the bag for a Parasol. The bag was used to purchase the Featherless Turkey, Shuttlecock Bird, the Dart Belt and the Beetle Satchel.

Description Edit

Journal Description Edit

This bag will hold up to 900 Gold Scarabs. - Book of Sphinx

Trivia Edit

  • The large bag is required to finish the Abydos Museum Natural History exhibit.

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