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Luxor Palace
Luxor Palace
Name Luxor Palace
Monsters Rat
People Akhenaten
Aunt Seti
Items Old Amulets
Treasure Room Key
Sub-Locations Courtyard
Treasure Room
Tutankhamen's Room
Gallery Luxor Palace Gallery

The Luxor Palace is a large palace in Luxor.

History Edit

Tutankhamen resided in the palace all of his life. His brother, Akhenaten, his aunt, Seti, and fiance, Nefertiti also lived there. On his birthday, he set out to help Aunt Seti find all eight of the old amulets in the palace. He was later killed by Akhenaten (who was actually Set) and Menes.

Appearance Edit

The Luxor Palace was a large palace in which Tutankhamen lived in. It had large marble floors and several rooms. Some parts of it contained sewers and secret passages.

Inhabitants, Items, and Sub-Locations Edit

Monsters Edit

People Edit




Items Edit

Sub-Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Luxor is a real location in Egypt. However, it is unknown if the Luxor Palace was real.
  • Luxor is the modern name for what was once the city of Thebes.

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