Name Maid
Gender Female
Home Luxor Palace, Luxor
Role Neutral
Antagonist (Uruk Islands)
Relations Sphinx (Opponent)
Tutankhamen (Master)
Age Early to Mid-20s
Death Sphinx kills the Skull Swordsmen
Cause of Death Blade of Osiris
Status Dead
Gallery Maid Gallery

The maid serves as a neutral character initially, but turns into an antagonist later on.

Biography Edit

The maid was one of the many servants at Luxor Palace. She was often found dusting Tutankhamen's room as well as the palace's sarcophagi. If Tutankhamen broke one of the pots in the room, she would get angry at him before proceeding to clean up the mess.

When she appears in the Uruk Islands, Sphinx is forced to rescue her from a perilous situation. After he's done so, he discovers that she is a traitor. She then turns into two Skull Swordsmen.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if Tutankhamen's maid was the same one as the one that became the Skull Swordsmen.
  • If Tutankhamen tried to leave his bedroom with the pink outfit on, she would exclaim that his choice of attire was ugly and force him to put on his standard blue royal garb.

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