Pharaoh Spider
Name Pharaoh Spider
Gender Male
Location Cursed Palace
Role Antagonist
Assistance Spike Spiders
Relations Set (Master)
Sphinx (Opponent)
Age Unknown
Death Confrontation with Sphinx
Cause of Death Killed by Sphinx
Rewards Sacred Crown of Heliopolis
Gallery Pharaoh Spider Gallery

The Pharaoh Spider is the third boss encountered in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

The Pharaoh Spider was originally the Pharaoh of Heliopolis, who was cast in stone by Anubis and rescued by Sphinx. He was later revealed to be corrupt, leading Sphinx to have to catch him and confront him. He was located in the catacombs beneath the Cursed Palace, where he transformed into the large spider. The two engaged in combat, and Sphinx resulted as the victor. His defeat granted Sphinx the Sacred Crown of Heliopolis.

Traits and Appearance Edit

The Pharaoh Spider had six legs, a humanoid aqua colored torso, and a scorpion stinger on the tip of its tail. His arms protruded from his shoulders, and totaled 2.5 meters long. Each of his hands had claws that would swing at Sphinx. His body was lined with spikes, and his face seemed to resemble a lion's and an ape's. While in his spider form, he could smash the ground with enough force to make rocks fall, propel fireballs from his tail, sweep his arms with speed and strength, and summon Spike Spiders.

Trivia Edit

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