Riverside Farm
Riverside Farm
Name Riverside Farm
Monsters None
People Farmer
Farmer's Brother
Items Canopic Vase
Sub-Locations N/A
Gallery Riverside Farm Gallery

The Riverside farm is a small farm in Heliopolis.

History Edit

The Riverside Farm belonged to the farmer and his brother in the Cursed Palace Area. Sphinx befriended them along his quest after freeing the farmer. Eye of Ra Posts were built by Anubis, and Sphinx destroyed them so the farmers could return home. The farm contained plots for trees which Sphinx could tell them to build on.

Appearance Edit

The farm was located along the river on the hill in the Cursed Palace Area. It seemed that the grounds were fairly fertile despite Heliopolis's overall lack of fertility (likely due to the large source of water near it).

Rewards Edit

  1. 50 Scarabs
  2. Bronze Ankh
  3. 200 Scarabs
  4. Gold Ankh Piece
  5. Silver Ankh
  6. 400 Scarabs
  7. 10 Scarabs
  8. 100 Scarabs
  9. 20 Capture Beetles
  10. 600 Scarabs
  11. 20 Scarabs
  12. Silver Ankh
  13. 200 Scarabs
  14. 10 Scarabs
  15. Gold Ankh Piece
  16. 500 Scarabs

Inhabitants, Items, and Sub-Locations Edit

Monsters Edit


People Edit

Farmer Brothers


Items Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The farm is a fan-favorite location in Heliopolis due to the hospitality of the farmers.

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