Great Wall Entrance II
Lost Temple of Heliopolis
Buy Price Sell Price
N/A 15 Scarabs
Attack Defense
4 5
Weapon Hostile
Swords Yes
Museum Display
Wing Number
Right 4
Sharpbeak Gallery

The Sharpbeak is a monster in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Description Edit

Journal Description Edit

Sharpbeaks carry a sword in each hand which they wield with disorientating and discerning skill. Infamous for slowly but surely bearing down on their opponent, utilizing the Florentine dual rapier method to deadly effect. - Book of Sphinx

Museum Description Edit

The Sharpbeak’s slender form makes it a lithe warrior, and they are well trained in swordsmanship techniques. Dark magic is rumored to be the cause of this unusual blend of lizard and bird. - Abydos Museum

Traits, Appearance, and Abilities Edit

The Sharpbeak was a purple feathered bird that appeared almost humanoid. It made the noise of a crow.

Strategy Edit

Strategy for Sphinx - Hit it a lot with the Blade of Osiris. Like the Knives Cat, it blocks Sphinx if hit continuously.

Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Sharpbeak has purple feathers and appears to be like a crow.

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