Skull Swordsman
Great Wall Entrance II
Uruk Canyon
Uruk Temple
Uruk Islands
Geb Queen's Palace
Buy Price Sell Price
N/A 12 Scarabs
Attack Defense
4 5
Weapon Hostile
Sword, Fireballs Yes
Museum Display
Wing Number
Right 2
Skull Swordsman Gallery

The Skull Swordsman is a monster in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Description Edit

Journal Description Edit

In addition to their well-honed swordsmanship, they are capable of releasing an evil, shimmering skull that chases down an opponent. A flurry of blows often fails to harm them, such is their defensive skill. - Book of Sphinx

Museum Description Edit

Highly trained in many swordsmanship techniques, and deadly opponents. Proof that they dwell within evil, they can summon a ghostly skull, which drains the soul’s essence on contact. - Abydos Museum

Traits, Appearance, and Abilities Edit

The Skull Swordsman is a zombie-like monster that wears a brown tunic. They are skilled swordsmen that can block your attacks, and can also summon fiery spirits.

They have three attacks.

  1. They spin around doing a total of 5 horizontal cuts.
  2. They do two horizontal slashes and finish with a stab.
  3. They do a downward cut, which launches a fiery skull.

Strategy Edit

Strategy for Sphinx - Hit it with the Blade of Osiris, while it's not blocking. If it creates a spirit, block it with the shield and resume attacking. Your shield also defends their cutting.

Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Skull Swordsman is identical to the Skull Worshipper with exception of having a sword instead of a staff.
  • For an unknown reason, the sword it uses is more similar to a Japanese Katana than an Egyptian Kopesh or sickle sword.
  • The Swordsman uses actual samurai postures. For example, it uses Seigan no Kamae (which the profile picture demonstrates) for its blocking.
  • It's summoning ability is mis-attributed to the Worshipper in the game's manual.
  • At least one Swordsman is able to shape-shift into a human female. It is unknown if all of them possess this power.

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