Smoke Mummy
User Tutankhamen
Use Floating through spikes
Found At Castle of Uruk
Role Sneaking
Type Ability

Smoke Mummy (also called Incinerator Mummy and Dark Mummy) is an ability in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Description and Abilities Edit

Tutankhamen only used the smoke mummy form once during his final mission in the Castle of Uruk. He used it to sneak through spikes. It could be activated by going into an incinerator room. While in the form, he could float over giant fans (sharing this feature with Paper Mummy and sneak through spike traps.

Trivia Edit

  • Smoke Mummy form is the least used form, being only used once in the last visit to the Castle of Uruk.
  • The Mummy resembles a Dark Worshipper without the staff in this form.
  • It can be considered an advanced form of the Fire Mummy. While the Fire Mummy is only set ablaze, the Smoke Mummy completely incinerates the Mummy until it wears off.

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