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SATCM and the Kane Chronicles

"Sphinx, What are we doing back here?" Prince Tutankhamun asked his companion as they strolled the halls of the Luxor Pyramid. "It creeps me out, for obvious reasons."

Sphinx, a man about in his early twenties, and Tutankhamun, apparently younger, were both quite the opposite when it came to physique; Sphinx had a stalky, more muscular build than the tall, lean Tut. Tut was wrapped in linen, due to his undead status, while Sphinx wore orange pants and a collar-necklace.

"Imhotep said there was something here, Tut." Sphix replied. "I just don't know what." "Well I'm bored!" Tut whined, leaning on a wall. In typcal Tut fashion, a small door opened in the wall opened up, revealing a corridor and a chest. Sphinx placed one foot in the door and high-heat beams spread across the entrance, with gas erupting from vents below.

"I'll handle this." Tut said as he caasually, walked into the beams, setting himself on fire. "OW! That never stops hurting!" The burning mummy ran across the corridor and opened the chest, retrieving whatever was inside. Sphinx looked behind the door and pulled a lever, deactivating the traps. The Mummy, no longer on fire, handed a portal amulet to Sphinx. "It looks like one of those Old Amulets I collected before being mummified."

"I've never seen this design before. 'Brooklyn Amulet' it says. Hmm..." Sphinx muttered. "Let's take it back to Imhotep."

The pair made their way back to the Portal God Statue. The solid gold sphinx leaned forward and opened it's mouth, the disk on it's head glowing. Sphinx held up the amulet he was holding, only realizing a moment later that it was the Brooklyn amulet. "Ah, Set." The pair were immediatly transformed into light and swallowed by the statue.

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