Unlike admins, Staff members are regular users that are recognized by the administration as users with more responsibility than average editors. Staff members are editors with expectations to keep the wiki up to date within their field of abilities and interests.

There are currently 10 different staff positions:

Janitors: Keep the Wiki clean by fixing coding errors, spelling and grammar, and keeping the articles on topic.
News Reporters: Keep articles up to date and provide any upcoming information (that's sourced) about Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.
Beta Team: Primary focus is on Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Beta Content and keeping information related to it current and up to date.
Final Game Team: Primary focus is on the final released version of the game and keeping information related to it current and up to date.
Monster Hunters: Primary focus is on monsters from the game and keeping information related to it current and up to date.
Writers: Help rewrite and fix articles when there is a rewrite request or a stub on a page that has been poorly written, or lacks canonical evidence.
Photographer: Provides several and clear pictures of Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy when there is a picture request on a page.
Recent Change Patrol: Regulate and monitor what is said on recently changed.
Wiki Patrol: Conduct patrols on recent activity, talk pages, and user interactions.
Superviser: Looks over recent edits and reports them to the Bureucrat or other admins.

How do I become a registered staff member?Edit

Submit a staff request to the Request for Staff page. Once a user has been supported by three votes, tge bureucrat may give them permission to be a staff member and they will have the appropriate template for their position placed on their profile page.

List of staff membersEdit


  1. Kopakamata97

News ReportersEdit

  1. Kopakamata97

Beta TeamEdit

  1. Kopakamata97

Final Game TeamEdit

  1. Kopakamata97

Monster HuntersEdit

  1. Kopakamata97


  1. Kopakamata97

Visual Editors/PhotographersEdit

  1. Kopakamata97

Recent Change PatrolEdit

  1. Kopakamata97
  2. Per Ankh

Wiki PatrolEdit

  1. Kopakamata97


  1. Kopakamata97

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