The Nile, while not named in the game, is the large ocean that the World of Sphinx inhabits.


The Nile ocean is a bright blue, similar to pool water.


The Nile is located directly beneath Abydos (as in, the city is built on top of it), beyond the Great Wall from Uruk, and can be accessed on three sides of Heliopolis.


While no-one truely lives on the Nile itself, it is home to all aquatic-type monsters: Manta Rays, Electric Eels, Spinefish, and Sea Turtles.


  • The ocean does not have an official name, but one cannot have an Egypt-based game without involving the Nile, since much of Egypt's culture is focused on the river, and would not exist without it.
  • Khonsu and his boat are the only known way to cross the ocean aside from the Portal God.

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