Case Name: RU.01.01

Accused: TakaNordas

Offenses: Spam Articles, Inappropriate Content, Vandalism, Shipping, Pornography

About the Case

On March 27th, 2013, Registered user TakaNordas committed four offenses - Spam Articles, Inappropriate Content, Shipping, and Vandalism. The court recognizes this editing, and would like to present this case with the other users. The user will remain unbanned until the jury has made its decision. Judging will be made final by Bureucrat Kopakamata97. This case will remain open for seven (7) days after it has begun (Started March 27th, 2013 and Ending April 3rd, 2013).


User Blog:TakaNordas/Haircut Blog - Created at 01:22 by TakaNordas. Considered a spam article due to lack of information. Considered inappropriate content due to the sexual nature of the content. Considered vandalism due to its motives.

Content - Danika of San Francisco who is known as Danny or Dan for short was because a male mentally and so was not linining up right because was female exterior. She (or he as she preffered it when he was called such) ran to barber shop.

"MASCULIZE ME!" he called at the top of her lungs. The barber grabbed her hair and cut in hunks of length. He grab and drag clippers long head side. It snip. It ship. Therefore it is first class first rate on hollings. She grabbed his testosterone and injacted into her legs. He was a man now. The End of this story. More are coming soon....very soon so you will not miss next sequile

User talk:Per Ankh - Left several inappropriate messages with sexual nature and motives. Attempted to give Per Ankh links to pornographic sites.

Canopic Vase - Linked porn sites in the entire article and damaged the page.

Comments can be made below by the accused, the jury, and bipassers. Votes will be tallied up in the poll.

The Jury's Vote

Guilty: 3

Not Guilty: 1

Sentence If Found Guilty by the Court

1 warning: 1

7 day ban: 0

30 day ban: 0

60 day ban: 0

6 month ban: 0

1 year ban: 0

Permanent ban: 3

The Judge's Decision

TakaNordas was proven guilty of numerous offenses on April 1st, 2013, and the case was closed two days early due to the intensity of the new offenses. The Judge has decided that there will be new policies added to increase security measures. It has also been decided that no other cases will be ended early unless the Bureucrat has ruled it. A permaban has been issued to stop the criminal, and a case report will be put together here.

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