This page will get updated over the course of March/April 2013.


Security Crackdown

Due to some recent spam issues, edits will be monitored. Since we support "Wiki Court" (which we created), we will be giving each accused person 7 days total to have their case reviewed. In most cases, they are voted 'guilty' due to the severity of the actions. If you are unhappy with this, please contact the Beaurocrat.

Appropriate Content

Main article: Appropriate Content

All content must be "safe for work". What is not allowed:

  • Content that is likely to disturb or offend users
  • Linking to illegal or adult content
  • Swearing
  • Discussion of religious/political topics

Layout Guide

Main article: Layout Guide

Please remember to use the Layout Guide when creating/editing articles.

Base Rules of the Layout Guide:

  • Utilize opening templates
    • Includes: Title tag, Youmay tag
  • Infoboxes
    • Should be used in order to organize statistics
  • Article body organization
    • Character articles
      • Biography - Accound of the character's life, generally divided into subsections
      • Appearance and Traits - Describes their physical appearance and mental traits/personality
    • Monster articles
      • Description - About the creature
        • Journal Description - The Book of Sphinx description
        • Museum Description - Abydos Museum description
      • Traits, Appearance, and Abilities - Characteristics of the monster
      • Locations - Where the species can be found
      • Trivia - Bits of information about the creature
    • Location articles
      • History - Account of the location's history
      • Landscape - Information on the location's landscape
      • Sub-Locations - Locations within the main location
      • Known Inhabitants - Describes known species and individuals of the location

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